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Team published research on efficacy of R.E.D.E. to Communicate: Foundations of Healthcare Communication

Skilled physician communication is a key component of patient experience. Large-scale studies of exposure to communication skills training and its impact on patient satisfaction have not been conducted. We aimed to examine the impact of experiential relationship-centered physician communication skills training on patient satisfaction and physician experience.

Journal of General Internal Medicine, Communication Skills Training for Physicians Improves Patient Satisfaction


Dr. Adrienne Boissy and Dr. Timothy Gilligan publish the book Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way : how to drive a relationship-centered strategy for superior patient experience

Put relationship-centered communication at the forefront of care

Today, physicians face a hypercompetitive marketplace in which they must meet unique and complex patient needs as efficiently as possible. But in a culture prioritizing clinical outcomes above all, there can be a tendency to lose sight of one of the most critical aspects of providing effective care: the communication skills that build and foster physician-patient relationships.

Studies have shown that good communication between doctors and patients and among all caregivers who interface with patients directly results in better clinical outcomes, reduced costs, greater patient satisfaction, and lower rates of physician burnout.

In Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way, Dr. Adrienne Boissy and her team tell the story of how Cleveland Clinic created and applied the R.E.D.E. to Communicate: Foundations of Healthcare program, making the world-renowned hospital system a leader in relationship-centered care. They provide a step-by-step guide for healthcare leaders and decision-makers to design, develop, and implement communication skills training in their own institutions. Learn how to:

• Craft an effective, colleague-supported communication skills program to include veteran physicians, residents, and medical students
• Leverage creative program design and data transparency to engage and facilitate staff physicians and advanced care providers
• Identify common misperceptions and myths in healthcare communication and respond to them successfully
• Cultivate a true sense of empathy―with patients and fellow caregivers alike―while maintaining professionalism

In a field where difficult conversations and stressful relationships are commonplace, clinicians need a structured approach to enable them to deliver the best care possible. Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way is the blueprint for establishing a relationship-centered program that will improve patient experience, reinvigorate doctors’ passion for their work, and elevate any organization.

Check out the book here – Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way : how to drive a relationship-centered strategy for superior patient experience.


CEHC Receives CWRU Annual Scholarship in Teaching Award

Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Excellence in Health Communication (CEHC) has been the recipient of much national attention since its inception in 2013. Adding to its list of accomplishments and recognition is the recent news of CEHC being selected as a recipient of an Annual Scholarship in Teaching Award from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
The Scholarship in Teaching Program aims to provide an accessible and meaningful method of recognizing faculty while at the same time stimulating faculty to continue to contribute in new and innovative ways to education. CEHC submitted a narrative that was reviewed by outside education experts and met the high standards of the award.
An award ceremony is scheduled for March 12 at The Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland.