“Being trained on the Cleveland Clinic’s REDE model has had a tremendous and lasting impact on my interactions with patients. In the two years since participating in the training, it has been especially helpful in instances involving unhappy patients, or when handling complaints. As an administrator, my experiences with patients sometimes involve listening to dissatisfaction with aspects of clinic visits, be it difficulty getting through on the phone, or frustration with not being able to be seen immediately. In each case, the patient communication techniques that I took away from the REDE course have proven invaluable in keeping conversations empathetic, calm, and respectful; in fact, most end in smiles, laughter, and patients having a greater understanding of our capacity and/or reasons for lack thereof. Importantly, I am also able to hear patients’ perspective in a new way: by listening actively, not judging, and eliciting more information from them, I am gaining input that may go unheard in a less engaging dialogue. Each staff person at LCFC who has been trained in this model has provided me with unsolicited positive feedback, noting a marked difference in interactions – particularly those that have a high likelihood of being most difficult. On top of all these benefits, I have also been pleasantly surprised to find that this training has been helpful outside of patient encounters as well: I have employed the REDE model when talking to colleagues, friends, and even my seven year-old son, all with incredible results. This communications course is an incredible opportunity to learn easily-learned and quickly-incorporated techniques that will have long-reaching and beneficial results. Our facilitators were stellar. Both have a clear command of the communication techniques, and are able to explain and demonstrate them in a way that is engaging, humorous, and very easy to follow. Skills practice activities were performed in such a way that they were helpful and never intimidating or scary, and the environment for the whole course is one of mutual respect, support, and appreciation. Of all the workshops/courses I have attended over the last 15-plus years, this is far and away the best.” – Lake County Free Clinic