The Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication has a vision of inspiring a culture of health and healing through relationships. Our mission is transforming how clinicians relate to patients and one another through innovative education, advocacy, and research. 

In an era of ever-increasing metrics and accountability, we worked to create a communication skills program that would not only enhance patient experience, but also reconnect our own clinicians to their purpose. The premise of the Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication is that by providing resources to support our staff, they can more effectively deliver exceptional patient care. We also believe that the relationships we build with each other and our patients are therapeutic in and of themselves, and communication skills are critical to that mission.

Our communication skill journey has been many years in the making. Our hope is that by sharing our experiences and resources with you, we can transform the lives of patients we all touch and build relationships beyond our organization that are anchored by a shared commitment to compassionate caregiving.

In light of that commitment, we would like to share a video that we feel defines us as an organization and shows how we can help yours: