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When I was invited to participate in the communication program and to consider becoming a facilitator, I was intrigued because I was not aware that such initiative existed at the Cleveland Clinic. As I learned more about this initiative and started the course, I became very excited because I believe that in order to provide the best care to our patients, we need to understand their problems, be able to convey our recommendations, and establish a patient-physician relationship of trust and respect.Technology has become an integral part of patient care, it is a tool that allows us to better understand the nature of diseases, help confirm a diagnosis and implement treatments. However, technology is complementary to the practice of medicine and not a substitute to the patient-physician relation.Through this program, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with physicians that now I see as role models. I have seen how excellent surgeons and physicians with many years of experience have embraced the notion that communication is central to the practice of medicine and healing of patients. An important lesson that I learned and incorporated in my practice is to assure that patients understand my recommendations, and that they can implement them. I also learned to be more open minded, and importantly that it is never too late to incorporate new ideas and improve patient care.

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