taylor Staff, Cardiovascular Medicine Section of Heart Failure
Professor of Medicine, CCLCM of CWRU
Director, Advanced HF & Transplant Cardiology Fellowship Program
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After participating in more that a dozen FHC classes over the last year and applying lessons learned personally to my OPD, I am convinced more than ever that patient communication skills are ‘teachable’ and necessary. I was asked to participate as a member of the original task force that led to the development of the FHC course early in the process. At first, I was quite skeptical that it was necessary, would lead to a finished product, would be received favorably by medical staff, and that patient communication skills were even ‘teachable.’ I quickly became a convert as it became apparent that our team had developed a mature product that was teachable and necessary as we later began to ‘practice-what-we-preached’ in our own patient encounters.

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