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Relationships, particularly the sanctity of those between doctors and patients, are among the most rewarding aspects of medicine. I had a glimpse of those relationships early in medical school, when I saw my father on the receiving end of health care. For a previously healthy and vibrant individual, this experience was traumatizing for him and the rest of our family. Consequently, any physician that cared for my father, by default cared for the rest of us as well. I appreciated how deftly and kindly many of his doctors were able to shoulder that responsibility.

Now, twenty years later, as I think about the journey of my career, I realize that when my eyes are open to seeing them, there have been special and surprising moments nearly daily that arise from my relationships with patients and their families. I am humbled and privileged to be a part of an initiative which has improved the manner in which I communicate not only with patients, but also with my colleagues, friends, and family; there is certainly an influence beyond our immediate work environment. With this program, I have learned to adapt, adopt, and polish effective communication strategies, many of which I learn from very talented and respected colleagues at this institution.

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