“I felt fully engaged throughout the course. All facets of the course were personally and professionally relevant and valuable.” – Anonymous

“The course was very worthwhile. Thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf, to make us more compassionate and competent physicians. It is appreciated.”ENT Staff

“It is “just what the doctor ordered!!”” – Staff OB/GYN and BOG member

“Being trained on the Cleveland Clinic’s REDE model has had a tremendous and lasting impact on my interactions with patients. In the two years since participating in the training, it has been especially helpful in instances involving unhappy patients, or when handling complaints. As an administrator, my experiences with patients sometimes involve listening to dissatisfaction with aspects of clinic visits…Read More

“The facilitators and the program were awesome! You could tell how passionate they are around this!” – Anonymous

“I was so struck by this really beautiful interaction one of our participants had with the standardized patient in which they talked about dancing. They made a real connection in that moment that I don’t think would have been possible without what we are teaching. I’m so gratified to be a part of training doctors to make these connections with patients, and also to benefit from it so much myself. I had two patients tell me on Thursday what a great doctor I am, not because I actually cured anyone, but because I actually listened. Just a short note, to thank you for your time and effort yesterday. I will admit I was a skeptic but left a convert. It was a great learning environment with lots of good tip and tools.” Julian Peskin, MD – Cleveland Clinic

“Our assistant medical director provided us with the opportunity to take the R.E.D.E. course through Cleveland Clinic where we spent a day working on communication skills. It seemed like any another class, and I had taken several communication classes as part of my undergraduate career. However, this  was an experience I never had before...Read More

“The technique of having us develop the topic during the final case study – patient, doctor and determine how they feel was superb. I felt like we were in it.” – Anonymous participant 2015 PE Summit

“The R.E.D.E. framework makes perfect sense to me and I marvel at how you model the dialogue so effortlessly for all of the participants. While it is essential to listen, it also important to find the words that illustrate that the caregiver is truly bearing witness to the suffering, trauma and chaos that may be occurring in the patient’s life. You are able to share that language of understanding and hope that patients are desperate to hear.” – Nurse Educator